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  3. 职位类型:兼职实习
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行政区划:江夏区 经济类型:-

单位性质:三资企业 单位行业:研究和试验发展

Founded in 2014, Phagelux is a company that utilizes phages, lysins and other biologics and related delivery technologies to create antibacterial products and solutions. It has four R&D centers worldwide and production centers in the United States and China. Phagelux HumanHealth Division was founded in 2015 and split independently in 2018. Phagelux HumanHealth division is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of serious human health problems caused by drug-resistant bacteria through the development and application of bacteriophage and lysin products. It has two R&D centers in the North America and China. The company has several product lines including a product expected to enter Phase 1 Clinical Trial shortly. The company has strong investor and collaborator base including WuXi apptech and Fosun pharma. Our company won the first prize and the best Popularity Award of the health industry entrepreneurship competition of Optics Valley Biological city in 2017. Five pipelines of phage cocktail products or lysins for different indications have been developed by Phagelux HumanHealth. The latest burn care pipeline is expected to enter Phase 1 Clinical Trial shortly. Phagelux’s lead products are for first line prevention and treatment of ulcer related infections, both pressure and diabetic, particularly targeting AMR infections, which is expected for IND filing shortly.

Research and Development of phage lysins is centered at the Wuhan facility under the direction of a PhD scientist from a top-10 university in the US, where lysin technology was first developed. The lysins technology for which we own the intellectual property can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria within less than a minute while being completely harmless to humans. Furthermore, side-by-side comparisons demonstrated that we are 10-times better than our US competitors, and 64-times better than our European competitors. We are therefore in rapid preclinical development toward a first-in-class human therapeutic in China. 

Job description:

1) Cooperate with the team to complete the research tasks.Complete experimental work according to the requirements of the project leader.

2) Be able to complete the experiment on time according to the work schedule and submit the experimental results and reports;Maintain complete and accurate record of the experimental data, and submit timely reports to the team leader.

3) Specific tasks would be vary according to the experimental needs as well as personal talents of the candidate and may include one or more of the following:

- Molecular cloning and vector construction / optimization.

- Protein purification and biochemical characterization.

- Optimization of the company’s products.

- Microbiological evaluation of the product and generation of pre-clinical data.

3) Make a good record of the experiment, complete the work report (weekly) and work summary regularly.

Internship requirements:

1) A senior year Bachelor student or a fresh Bachelor in biology, pharmacology, medicine and relevant fields degree.

2)Ability to work at a minimum 2 days a week, 8 hours per day.

3)Ability to think independently and clearly about the science underlying the experiments performed. The ability to innovate and to make suggestions where needed.

4)Good work ethics and team spirit.

5)Ability to read and write in English is a plus.

  Internship compensation:

1)2000-3500 yuan depending on skill level and time commitment.

2)20 yuan per day food allowance (calculated monthly based on actual days worked).

3)Personal development – the ability to personally work with two PhD scientists from top US universities on a daily basis.

4)If the intern makes a substantial research contribution that is included in scientific publications, the intern would be entitled to be included as an author on the paper (note that the leadership team at the Wuhan laboratory has an impressing publication track record in international journals).

5)Interns that demonstrate high potential and team spirit may be invited to join the company as full employees, at the full employment salary.

 Candidates with a Bachelors and at least one year work experience, or a Master’s degree, are encouraged to inquire below regarding the option of joining directly as full employees.

 Application process:

Please send an email to [email protected], titled “job application – Internship candidate name school name”. Please attach a resume explaining your experience and relevant knowledge.

Contact: Human Resources – Ms Zhou. 




 1) 按项目负责人要求完成实验工作。

 2) 保持实验数据的完整、准确记录,并及时向组长提交报告。

 3) 具体任务将根据候选人的实验需要和个人才能而有所不同,可能包括以下一项或多项:






 1) 生物学、药理学、医学及相关领域的高年级学士或应届学士。

 2) 每周至少工作2天,每天工作8小时。

 3) 能?#27426;?#31435;清晰地思考实验背后的科学。创新能力和在需要时提出建议的能力。

 4) 良好的职业道德和团队精神。

 5) 有英文读写能力者优先。 



 2) 每天20元伙食补助(按实际工作天数计算)。

 3) 个人发展——每天能与来自美国顶尖大学的两位博士科学家进行合作。

 4) 如果实习生在科学出版物中做出了重大的研究贡献,则实习生有权作为作者被收录在论文中(请注意,武汉实验?#19994;?#39046;导团队在国际期刊上有着令人印象深刻的出版记录)。

 5) 表现出高度潜力和团队精神的实习生可?#21592;?#36992;请以正式雇员的身份加入公司,并领取正式雇员工资。



 请发送电子邮件至[email protected],标题为“工作申请-实习 应聘者姓名 学校名称”。请附上简历,说明你的经验和相关知识。


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